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Hey! I'm Joaquín, Torii dev. First of all thanks for being curious of my work :) 

As I'm a solodev making Torii on my free time, it can be hard sometimes. So I decided to upload it as an Early Access to have some income while I finish it with your support and another job. 

I'll keep adding content and polishing some aspects of the gameplay, which is why it was published as an Early Access. 


 Torii was released as a Humble Original on November 2020, so the game story is complete and you can play it from start to finish. But when I was preparing it for its launch on another platforms I decided to expand it and improve a lot of things with your feedback. So if you decide to try it, please leave here your opinion or join our community on Discord. 

Of course, if you buy it now you'll have access to the complete edition on its launch.

Thanks for supporting indie games, indie stories, and indie devs!

Torii is an introspective journey. Join Ipa and Moswig on an unusual adventure. Overcome your greatest fears and fight against guilt to find your little sister. 

An adventure / puzzle game with an artistic approach, filled with surreal landscapes, strange creatures, and human-developed emotions.


  • Explore surreal landscapes with Ipa and Moswig searching for memories in order to save little Lulu.
  • Switch between realities to achieve your goal or explore new areas.
  • Discover secrets behind this peculiar story with a different and poetic narrative format. 
  • Walk alongside Moswig, your "spirit / backpack" companion, and discover why you should carry it. 
  • Collect all Moswig's wings to improve your skills and reach the end of the adventure. 
  • Enjoy an incredible and original soundtrack composed by Adriano Martino.


    Although Torii is not a horror game, parts of the game can make you uncomfortable.


    • Joaquín A. Castro - Developer.
    • Adriano Martino - Music.
    • Pablo Hollmann - Additional art.
    • Heather D' Angelo - Voice acting.


    • SO: Windows 10 - 64 bits
    • Procesador: Intel core i5-3570k - AMD fx 6300
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 3gb or Radeon RX 560
    • Widescreen support!
    • Language: English.


    You can  join our community on the official Discord server to keep up with all the news: https://discord.gg/C8th5ssZRX


    Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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    Torii v1.1.1 - Limit Breaker. 833 MB

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    Congrats on your release! <3

    Thaaaaanks!! :D

    Hello! Is this game complete?

    Hi! The game story is complete, you can play it from start to finish. But, as I'm a solodev and this is a new version there might be some bugs that i missed so I'll keep updating it. 

    Also, I'll keep adding content and polishing some aspects of the gameplay on future updates, which is why it was published as early access. :)

    Thanks for letting me know! You are awesome!