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What would you do if you could send a message to someone who is no longer in this world?

→ Demo 2.0 is here with a lot of changes! (read more in devlog)

Torii is an artistic aproach to videogames; a story about guilt, frustration, life, and death. 

► Features

  • First-person narrative-puzzle game .
  • Explore a strange dimension, make your way with your ability to synchronize at 100% and solve puzzles .
  • Introduce yourself on Ipa's story and feel the inmersion of Torii's aesthetic (it can feels creepy).
  • Find a lot of secrets.
  • Be careful with your time (you can't always stay synchronized).
  • Meet the 'Imets' and the 'Berld', recover a piece of your memory.

► Community


  • Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for News!
  • I'll appreciate a lot if you leave a comment with your impressions of the project below.

► How can i contribute with the project?

  • Please when downloading, consider leaving a comment, rating the demo or donating the developer.  <3


  • Finalist of Potenciate Videojuegos 2018 ! And showed Torii on AGS (Argentina Game Show)
  • Participation on EVA Play 2018 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • BIG UPDATE! New intro with the voice of Heather D'Angelo!
  • Lot's of gameplay and scene changes on Version 1.90, check the devlog! 


► Mac and Linux users: If you download the game, would you tell me here in the comments if it works fine? Thanks!



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Demo for Windows 140 MB
Demo for Mac (Not tested) 149 MB
Demo for Linux Universal (Not Tested) 172 MB
Digital Artbook + Wallpapers Pack and support Torii! 14 MB
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Development log


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What's in the cube? :) Intriguing demo, waiting to see more. :)

Awesome little puzzle game, had alot of fun playing , great work!

Interesting and pretty little puzzle game, Though a little buggy, I got stuck on a platform and it wouldn't let me off and had to restart the game.

I look forward to your future works!

Wow! Thanks for your video! You're awesome! :D
Here on itchio i uploaded a hole new version of the demo if you want to try it!! (that was one of the first prototypes) 

It's good to know you liked it! thanks!


awesome game but id like to say that i got confuse more than a couple of times :D

Wow! Thanks for making a video of Torii! It's an honor! 

Good to hear you liked it! As you can see,  that was an old version and things were a little confusing.  I invite you to try the new one, it has a lot of changes and improvements on gameplay. 

Super cool video! Thanks again!

you're welcome I liked it a lot! I appreciate the the compliment :) and when I get the chance I may give new one a try for sure also no problem hope to see more people play it soon!