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What would you do if you could access a method to talk to someone who is no longer in this world?

All what you see now can be changed, Torii is a work in progress game, i'm trying to achieve the best gameplay to feat with the idea of the game. 

→ New intro with Heather D'Angelo's voice acting! 

→ What is Torii?

Torii is a video game for players looking on a different story with puzzles and secrets. We want to achieve an immersive experience which stays in players mind for the rest of their lives.
What would you do if you could access a method to talk to someone who is no longer in this world?
Ipa, the protagonist, did it. And with her ability to see objects in exchange for her suffering, you must move forward to find your younger sister.

→ Who is Ipa?

Ipa is a girl who lost her little sister in an accident when she was young and was alone home taking care of her. She grew up with the guilt, and dedicated her life to science with the objective of sending a message to her sister.

Now she can access through dimensions between life and death, but she has forgotten why she was there.

→ Gameplay

Torii is a first-person narrative-puzzle game in which players must
activate an ability to see objects that are not in the "real" plane (gameplay can radically change, i'm working on different prototypes right now).
This ability, has a limited time. Is in that period of time when players must solve different puzzles to advance to the end. At this point, players must collide an
enemy from the unreal plane with the Torii to pass to the next level.

→ Interface

As one of the most important things in Torii is immersion, the interface is as minimalist as possible. Two bars on the top left to mark life and skill time, some dialog boxes, and the rest is integrated into the game. If life goes down, the color of the screen dims. If we use our ability, a red filter, and marks of pain in the corners, warn us that we are suffering.

→ Why Torii?

I think it's very important for the community that games with different ideas exists.  Maybe this games are not AAA, but they're incredible experiences themselves. I grew up looking for games as experiences; games like Portal, Journey, Firewatch, Silent Hill, The Stanley Parable, The Beginner's Guide and so many others  which touched my soul. Now i want to revive that feeling with Torii and i think it's very important to keep alive this gender.

► About me

I'm Joaquin A. Castro from Argentina and i love indie videogames.
I studied a little bit of Graphic Design, Linguistics and Acting. 
On the day of today the main developer of Torii, and with my project I want to contribute with a fresh experience to the world of videogames.

Recently i've been in the finals of "Potenciate Videojuegos 2018" (one of the most important competitions in my country)  and i've been exposing Torii in EVA Play (Exposición de Videojuegos Argentina) 

► Community


  • Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for News!
  • I'll appreciate a lot if you leave a comment with your impressions of the project below.

► How can i contribute with the project?

  • You can download and try this demo, consider that it's always changing and it's made by one person.  
  • Feedback is one of the most important things for me. You can leave a comment with your impressions, if you found a bug or whatever you want!
  • Donations are very helpful! With them i can improve the game in many aspects; buy assets, tools, licenses and, why not? a cup of coffee! (i don't have the money to put it on steam for example)
  • Now you can buy some awesome wallpapers and the digital Artbook with the evolution of Torii ;)


  • Finalist of Potenciate Videojuegos 2018 ! And showed Torii on AGS (Argentina Game Show)
  • Participation on EVA Play 2018 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • BIG UPDATE! New intro with the voice of Heather D'Angelo!

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Published 12 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorTorii Games
Tags3D, Cyberpunk, First-Person, Horror, Narrative, psychological, puzzles, Singleplayer, terror, Unity


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awesome game but id like to say that i got confuse more than a couple of times :D